The Process: Book 1 - Align

The Key to Being with your Twin Flame in this Lifetime

Magnetize your twin flame into your physical life...even if he/she has blocked you or you don't even know who your twin flame is.

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The sacred teachings and divine truth that hold the key to magnetizing your twin flame (back) into your physical life...and keeping him/her there.

This is the first in a 3 part series of lessons by author and twin flame alchemist, Elle Hari, in which she shares the teachings discovered by her late teacher who she credits with having saved her life and enabling her to have a stable, loving relationship with her twin flame.

Written in an easy-to-read, down to earth style, "The Process: Book 1 - Align" provides clear action steps to take that, if followed, will work to bring you happiness and fulfillment and magnetize your twin flame into your physical life. It's universal law and divine truth, so it can't NOT work as long as it's implemented correctly.

Only one twin flame needs to do this work, and it isn't even necessary to know who your twin flame is. So, if you're searching for "the One", then look no further. He/she will come to you when you apply the teachings contained in "The Process: Book 1 - Align".

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